Building Stronger Foundations: Our Commitment to Rogers School District

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At pb2 architecture + engineering, we believe that every dream deserves a solid foundation and a clear blueprint to turn it into reality. This belief drives not only our work in architecture and engineering but also fuels our dedication to the community where we have been a presence for over six decades.  We are proud to announce a new initiative that reaches into the heart of our community—the nearly seven thousand students that fill the halls of 16 elementary schools of the Rogers School District. Dr. Jeff Perry, Superintendent of Rogers Public Schools met with Doug Hurley, President/Owner of pb2 architecture + engineering and Brent Mills, CFO of pb2 architecture + engineering to create a solution.  In an effort to support the families in our area and contribute to a nurturing educational environment, pb2 has taken on the responsibility of clearing all unpaid lunch balances for the district’s young learners. No student should have to worry about their next meal. Ensuring that every child has access to a nutritious lunch is fundamental to their ability to focus, learn, and grow. It is these young minds who are the future architects, engineers, and leaders of our community, and supporting them now lays the groundwork for a brighter future.

Our engagement with the Rogers School District is an expression of our deep-rooted commitment to Northwest Arkansas. For over 60 years, we have not only built structures but have also worked to build a supportive and thriving community.  We are excited to see how this initiative will positively impact students and alleviate some of the pressures faced by families within the community. We believe in building up our community where every dream has a blueprint, and this is just one of the ways we are working towards that vision.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build more than just buildings in Northwest Arkansas!