Facing new challenges, bringing new ideas for consumer and employee based solutions and collaboration to provide the best in a changing environment that thrives on our ability to be nimble, stretching our limits to explore all possibilities.
Conceptual Design

Shaping the built environment is a collaboration where the best results come from collective action. Our process often stems from a single idea, working in a team to create and fulfill the project requirements from programming to design development. By presenting the design, with an approximate estimate of cost, we ensure that the Client will have an understanding of the design and implementation into their project goals.

Project Management

The application of knowledge and skills to project activities to deliver the schedule with on-budget results. At pb2 combined with simple project structure and immediate communication provide the elements for project success. We provide the complete project process from cost estimating to post occupancy with hands-on value driven methods, through planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling. To continually improve our methods, upon conclusion of the project we often review the project and each milestone to see where the project succeeded and where it did not.

Document Development

The assembly of all project information as a set of documents to use for the construction of the project. We employ the latest in document production with BIM technology, discipline, and defined milestones to guide the project team through the production process. During production, quality control measures are employed as oversight to ensure all conditions and criteria are met.

Code/ADA Assessment and Implementation

pb2 has a dedicated team to provide oversight on all projects for code, ADA. ANSI and other rules that specify the standards for construction of the built environment, required to meet health, safety, and welfare criteria. We have a working knowledge and database of building and health code requirements throughout all 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Construction Administration

pb2 has a dedicated team to provide expertise and oversight, for all projects. With in-depth knowledge of construction methods, they work with the project teams to be sure the documents are coordinated, meet best practices, and provide adequate detail to meet constructability requirements. This team also provides project close-out and coordinates all items required per contract requirements.

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